Fabric Storm Panels (Armor Screen)

All Florida Hurricane fabric storm panels are tested to block out debris, rain and even wind. Fabric Storm Panels are a highly-effective alternative to steel or aluminum hurricane panels. These PVC coated woven fabric storm panels are tested to block wind, rain and storm-driven projectiles.  Fabric storm panels are easy to handle and translucent. The fabric is a natural translucent white color enabling homeowners to have more light in the house during the day. This is very helpful if a storm has knocked out power, or for those homeowners who leave the panels up for an extended period of time.

Unlike other steel and aluminum panels, the Fabric Storm Panels are lightweight and easy to handle. In fact, they are up to eight times lighter than most metal storm panels. Other advantages to homeowners are that the panels allow for compact storage because they can be rolled up, laid flat or hung up, and they do not have sharp edges that can cause injury.

Hurricane fabric has slowly become more popular as a storm protection option over the years. It's flexible and can typically cover much larger expanses than standard aluminum or steel shutter styles. There are quite a few recent innovations such as a fabric which uses strands of steel wire as well as kevlar fabric screens. Kevlar has been used in bullet proof vests for years and was a brilliant addition to the hurricane protection product arsenal. The benefit of hurricane fabric is the fact that it absorbs the impact of flying debris extremely well. It is actually designed to have some "give" to it, so it literally slows the impact down.

There is nothing easier to use for hurricane protection than fabric. It’s lightweight, quick to put up, and protects areas that other systems just can’t protect—like large porch enclosures or even hotel lobbies.

Fabric is less expensive than metal panels, however it tests higher in both wind and impact tests than metal roll-downs or accordion shutters.

All fabrics are affected by the sun’s U.V. light, however if you deploy the screens only for hurricanes the fabric storm panels will last up to 20 years.


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